iPads Resources at Linfield College

Here, we will collect a bank of resources useful to the Linfield Community related to iPads in teaching and learning.

Linking your iPad wirelessly to a projector or other display

How tos:

How to alphabetize your apps without dragging and dropping each one individually

Linfield's FDL (Faculty Development Lab) has iPads for faculty to check out. One specifically for Art, Humanities, Social Science apps and one for Science apps. Below is a list of common apps that are useful and found on both iPads.

Common Apps

Atomic Web Browser Lite - an alternative web browser that offers Facebook/Twitter integration among other features
Audioboo 2- record and share short audio clips
BAO - Business Analyst Online offers demographic and market facts for every area in the United States
BenchPrep - an interactive test prep platform for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT and more
Blackboard Mobile Learn - allows you to view and post content to your BBLearn courses.
Blurb Mobile- Multimedia story creation; plays back like a video and post to the web.
Chrome- web browser
Dragon Dictation -a voice recognition app that takes what you say and types it out to be sent as an e-mail, social network update, etc.
Dual Browser - as the name implies, you can see two web pages at once on your iPad
EasyMeasure - use your iPad camera to measure spaces
EduCreations - whiteboard screencasting tool for iPad that can be shared a variety of ways
Evernote - collect and share notes, images, audio and video annotations, etc.
Evernote Peek- flash card utility
Facebook - a social network app that lets you access your Facebook account.
FastTrack - beautiful screen cast tool for iPad from Camtasia
FedGIS 2012 - information about the Esri Federal GIS 2012 Conference
Find my iPhone - what if you lose your iPad? This app will help you find it.
Flipboard - easy way to track all your media sources in one place.
Fotobabble- take a photo, annotate it with sound (voice over or ambient) and share it.
Fotopedia Heritage - a huge collection of photos with descriptions of points of interest and travel planning capabilities
Google Search- google search engine.
Google Drive - access and create online document, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings with 5GB of free storage.
Google Earth - visual map tool
Google Maps- interactive map tool
Hulu Plus - video streaming service
iBooks - download and read books
Instagram - socially share photos retro looking photos
iTunes U - access a variety of different educational content such as lectures, books, notes, etc. for different subjects.
Khan Academy - online learning resource
Kindle Reader - Amazon books
LinkedIn - professional social network
Mindomo - mind mapping tool
Mobile Learn - BBLearn mobile tool (largely geared to students)
MyPad- Access a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles from one one app.
PowerCam HD- a photography app that allows you to apply effects live so you know exactly what your picture will look like before you take it.
Qrafter - QR code reader
Skype - an app that allows you to place video calls and instant message.
Twitter - a social network app that allows you to access your twitter account.
TotalRecall - mind mapping tool
Notability - Use notes, sketches and photos and sync to Dropbox
UnStuck - iPad decision tree tool to help process ideas
UPad Lite - natural handwriting tool for iPad
VoiceThread - iPad app that allows for collaborative comments via text, audio and video
WebDavNav+ - Use this tool to connect to content from your CatFiles network storage account
Whiteboard Lite- collaborate with white board tools with other wireless iPad users
WikiNodes - search for anything, find connected nodes of information
XanEdu - iPad app for XanEdu course packs